We are animals.

We eat and we shit. We sleep and walk around and make sounds. We love sex. We are predators and prey. We feel sorrow, rage, the darkness of fear, and profound joy. We have physical bodies on the earth, surrounded by other animals, plant life, and things not yet understood by modern science. We are breathing. We have heartbeats.

And, we are ambrosial.

We are sweet, luscious, divine, and full of wonder, (if we know how to touch it). Our soul knows ecstasy and passion, deep down. When we let ourselves, we stand in awe of the mystery… while understanding that it’s not actually mysterious. We are delighted Magicians, already.

In the time and place we were born, there isn’t a lot of room for being Ambrosial Animals.

We are told that to “master life,” we must go through a set of challenges. We face bizarre rites of passage: college degrees, condo mortgages, photogenic weddings, and all the rest.

We gather a lot of things around us, shiny things, only to feel utterly dull.



But once in a while, do you stand with your feet on the sandy shore and feel meaning?

Do you look in the eyes of an animal and touch your own capacity for loving?

When you are near an especially old tree, do you feel it, connecting deep in your bones with something inexplicable?


If those experiences sound familiar, here’s where it gets fun. What if instead of “mastering life,” we learned to be Magicians of Life? It’s fun because learning to be an awakened human being is a joy!

And, it’s fucking scary too. You might have some things to work through so you can fully open to your wonder…

No sage learned divinations without a fair share of dark nights.

But lucky you- there’s an easier way than navigating an unpredictable path alone.

I’ve been through many dark nights, wicked fires, and a host of beautiful rites of passage.

When you are ready, it would be my honor to join you.

Join you? How presumptuous of me! I don’t know the first thing about you!

It’s true, I don’t know yet whether what I have to offer is in line with your path. So to start exploring the possibility, I wrote a super vulnerable “About” page. Click the button. You get to read it, and decide what happens next.