Hello! I’m Aria and I’m a Superpower Catalyst.

Drawing ambition from my core values of gratitude, joy, mindfulness, beauty, and love, I believe we can create a world where all life thrives.

My chosen Superhero name is “The Heart Surgeon,” because our hearts are the gateways to our superpowers. (Also, Superhero names are THE best!)

Since my college years as a fair trade activist, I have lived and volunteered in Africa, South America, and Asia, while coordinating a community housing project in New England.

Along the way, I have deeply explored personal development and holistic modalities, and these adventures have inspired me to bring all I have learned to innovative leaders who match my passion for change.

My personal inquiry into the question, “How do we fix this?” has led me to some surprising technologies – technologies of turning on superpowers.

I activate a depth of wisdom – actual superpowers – in my clients, so that we can harmoniously change our broken systems and rapidly impact the world.

It’s my honor to be supporting Earth’s Superheroes to remember how truly powerful they are. 

Aria challenges you to see and adopt new perspectives and practices and invites you to approach your challenges with awakening and open heartedness.