“And my Life’s work is to honor the Great Beauty all around You,” sings Yaima in the song Gajumaru…

aria-maeThat line about sums it up!

I was born in the countryside of Northern Michigan. One of my first animal teachers was a black cat called Mia Bonikopita Bunnyhead. There was also Madeline the rat, Kona the pony, and Jazz the dog.

As a child in this privileged natural setting, I found significant meaning through connecting with all living things. I understood that I was not really so different from the sacred creatures around me.

Today my vision is a world where we see ourselves in this truth: We Are Animals.

As animals, we have hearts that interact with the seen and unseen world around us. We are a part of Nature. We can experience a range of motions and emotions. We can experience The Divine.

I stand for a world where all living things are connected with honor, recognizing the link between animals, human-animals, and ancestors. 

Is that enough woo-woo for ya? If not, there’s more!

Those close to me know I love lists. Here are a couple, divvying up some things that define me…

I have been influenced by:

  • Ancestral healing, detoxing, and multidimensional exploration with my intimate partner Ken Fried of www.KenFried.Me.
  • Training in Family Constellations and Heart-Based Intuition, with Emily Blefeld Volden, LICSW and Dan Booth Cohen, PhD as part of their Seeing with Your Heart Immersion Program.
  • Facilitation Training in Basic Shadow Work®, with John and Nicola Kurk at Golden Opportunities, as well as many Shadow Work® processing sessions with Karin Green at Shadow Wisdom, and Mark Massoni.
  • The Priestess Path Apprenticeship, a women’s mystery school, with ALisa Starkweather, as well as many, many Red Tent gatherings.
  • Four activist-packed years studying Sociology and Peace and Social Justice, at the University of Michigan.
  • Personal healing in other modalities, ranging from Rolfing to Tantra, Lakota sweat lodges to Dagara shamanism and Tibetan pujas.

Somewhat normal stuff about me:

  • I am a Cancer with moon in Scorpio, thus I love all emotions and the water. I embrace darkness, shadow, anger, pain, fear, grief, shame… and happiness!
  • I love to be outside, alone, and cooking with local, organic veggies.
  • I work with crystals, though I question the ethics of the crystal mining industry and I’m uncertain how to navigate this.
  • I’ve lived or traveled in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.
  • My name, Aria, means “Lioness of God” in Hebrew, “Melody / Air” in Italian, and other cultures relate it to a bird or oasis.
  • I can’t whistle, snap, or hula-hoop to save my life, but I discovered I can throat sing during a sweat lodge.
  • I feel immense pain at the environmental destruction, war, and human suffering of this moment.

Less normal stuff about me:

  • I access a realm of animal medicine through a portal on my back, thanks to the fire I was in. That’s where I go for my animal communication sessions, and it’s where the animal guides come from during a healing.
  • I’m keenly connected to the star systems we know as Orion and Pleiades. And at some point in my ancestry I was with the star people we call Lion Beings.
  • leonIn a session meditation, I can sense imagery of animals, ancestors, angels, gods, goddesses, and other-dimensional support.
  • I am also connected with my own animal guides: The Liger and The Wild Woman, as well as my dog, Leon. I can embody The Kundalini Priestess and Lilith – feeling passion and ecstasy and anger and grief at once. In the next instant I can transform into the Divine Mother, holding and nurturing, with utmost compassion.

Thanks to the support of many mentors, I now use these abilities in a unique form of healing. 

It’s a mash up of family constellations, shadow work, sociology, animal communication, tantra, mindfulness, and Love.

As I understand this, I can now boldly proclaim acceptance of my inner Magician, Shaman, and Medicine Woman…

Ultimately, I am a Spiritual Heart Surgeon. I am here to serve, powerfully… and curiously!

Despite the intensity of all of this, I love having fun! It can be playful and joyful to dig deep.

That’s the magic!

Oh hey there! Did my woo-woo witchy side pique your interest? Then perhaps we are meant to collide!

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