Aria Mae Everts is a Coach and Corporate Heart Surgeon. Drawing ambition from her core values of gratitude, joy, mindfulness, beauty, and love, she believes we can create a world where all life thrives.

Since her college years as a fair trade activist, she has lived and volunteered in Africa, South America, and Asia, while coordinating a community housing project in New England. Along the way, she has deeply explored personal development and holistic modalities. Her adventures have inspired her to bring all she has learned to innovative leaders who match her passion for change.

Aria’s personal inquiry into the question, “How do we fix this?” has led her to some surprising technologies – technologies of awakening and aligning the heart. Her brilliant and warm-hearted approach has culminated in supporting visionary entrepreneurs through one-on-one coaching and company mentorship.

Aria Mae Everts turns on a depth of wisdom in her clients so they can harmoniously change our broken systems and rapidly impact the world.