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Dear Beloved Animal,

We have walls around our hearts.

Maybe yours is a white picket fence with a broken latch on the gate, or maybe it’s miles thick of concrete.

Maybe your heart is wrapped in barbed wire.

It’s for good reason. We’ve been deceived, abused, and simply left in silence when we’ve given our love.

Trauma comes in many forms…

Maybe you’ve had a near death experience. I almost died in an explosion when I was four years old.  My back has scars from 4th degree burns.

Maybe your parents fought. Mine did, from before their divorce when I was two, until I left my small town when I was 18.

Maybe you were raised with religious values that didn’t resonate with your soul. I grew up being told that God was male, and shamed for my own femininity and sexuality.

Maybe you were instilled with fear of the “other.” At one point I believed most other people were going to hell because their identities were different from my own.

Maybe you have shouted in anger at the injustices of the world. As I came into adulthood, I spent countless hours advocating and protesting, examining my privilege and anger and guilt.

Maybe you’ve been divorced, lost someone dear to you, or grieved that the life you thought you would have by now is far from being your reality. As a highly sensitive person, I have navigated through these experiences with plenty of tears, depression, and feeling very alone.

… so we build walls. 

It’s what’s safe to do in the moment. They protect us.

And, at the same time, they block out so much of the love coming our way.

When our hearts are closed off, the goodness can’t reach us either.


I grieve this, because I know that on the other side of your wall is a tender, loving heart. All it wants is to express through giving and receiving love, even though the world is fucking harsh.

So, gratitude! 

Our walls serve us by calibrating us to the darkness, so that we can fully appreciate the light of Divine Love. 

When we are moving through life with open hearts, magic occurs…

The connection with self and others opens doors, manifesting all we need.

We suddenly understand that we are animals with heartbeats, and a part of nature.

We actually stop to smell the roses — and smell them like it’s the first experience of our life.

Pleasure. Passion. Magic. Joy.

Self care. Self love…

The gifts of the Heart!

It’s been a long road, but I believe in God again. I prefer to say The Divine, or Spirit, or simply Love.

Love is the force that has dissembled the walls around my heart.

Through the crumbling of my defenses came an opening of my keen intuitive perception. With this perception, I join with nature, animals, and in fierce Love to be with you on your heart’s journey to opening.

manifesto-collageAt the core of what I’m about, it’s simply this:

I care deeply about Remembering!

Remembering we are animals.

Remembering the beauty.

Remembering what our spirits are when the ego veil is lifted.

Remembering that being alive is a fully ecstatic experience- and that means pleasure and passion are ours.

Remembering the songs, how to listen, and how to create ritual.

Remembering our heart’s capacity for love.

In this way, I know we can make wiser environmental and social decisions, because they can be based in Love instead of fear.

I implore us to honor The Earth! That can only happen if we first heal the trauma that’s in us.

Now it’s time for the big question.

Are you ready to open to the magic of your heart no matter what you’ve been through?

I know it’s terrifying to say yes. There are a lot of risks, and we will honor them.

Because, I love your walls.

And I love you, 


Are you feeling me? Do the walls of your heart yearn to become dusty piles, blown away by a warm west wind?

If so, I have something for you! Let’s connect first with a FREE mini Spiritual Heart Surgery Session so you can see what I do. If you love it, then we can discuss working together in a mentorship relationship. Click the owl to complete my Heart Evaluation, and start having the breakthroughs you long for in a totally sweet way…