Curious about whether a Magical Monday is right for you? I would love to connect!

My preference would be for you to call me… there’s something so special about hearing your voice!

And it’s simply a chat- no pressure to sign up for anything, or buy from me ever. It’s a free conversation, no strings.

My cell is : 774-578-2762

(You can use magical Calendly to schedule a time slot on my calendar, if you prefer. Click here to schedule a call.)

If I miss your call, please shoot me a quick email with your number at aria (@)

**Occasionally I’m out of the country, so if I don’t reply right away, definitely email me.

Now is a good time to introduce my Low-Tech Policy. Here’s a letter I wrote ya: 

Dear Friends,

Something a bit strange is happening here. I’m becoming more of a woods nymph than ever before…


I’m choosing to have more time outside, with books, meditating, and in service.

aria-and-leonI’m choosing to live with less time spent on the Internet, away from computers and cell phone screens.

I want you to know this, because I don’t have an array of beautifully articulated social media sites.

I am fully capable of creating this, yet here I am, choosing not too.

When the Divine inspires me, I’ll continue to write- for this blog and other sites. But my newsletter will continue to be super infrequent.

I prefer to connect with you by phone, or in person!

There’s a lot of information in the world. I want to keep my offerings simple, and disengage myself of the internet marketing game.

It’s a way I’m showing you, and me, my love!




So what’s it going to be? Will you scroll to the top and dial my number?

Or maybe you want to learn a bit more first? If so, please check out my Blog, my YouTube, and a bit about my work facilitating Groups.

Either way, thank you! I’m so grateful for you.