Get away to Costa Rica with us!

In January, 2018, Ken and I will be on the staff of the Free to Be – Costa Rica Lifestyle Retreat. Our offerings include ancestral healing, power animal connection, and a celestial cacao ceremony.

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Here are the workshop descriptions for exactly what we’ll be holding:

Ancestral Alchemy — Accessing the Awareness of Your Ancestors
In this 2-hour workshop, Ken and Aria will guide you through a variety of experiential exercises to make contact with your ancestors (living or deceased), their trials, tribulations, and traumas that you unknowingly inherited from them, and the entanglements that keep you tied to your past, so you can release the ancestral baggage you no longer need to carry.

Cosmic Cacao & Celestial Connections
Ever felt like you were being guided, guarded, and protected? Yeah, us too. In this 2-hour ceremony Ken and Aria will use locally sourced cacao to bring you into the center of your heart where you’ll make contact with the animal guides, spirit guides, plant teachers, and ancestral assistants, tasked to watch over you and point the way. Be ready to receive some potent medicine, flavored just for you, from your spirit team.

The Heart as a Portal for World Peace
Have you been feeling panicked about global events? Concerned about what’s happening on the earth? This will be a supportive, inquisitive space for those concerned about social and environmental justice. We will remember our capacity for heart-based rituals by relating our personal healing journeys to the healing of the planet – knowing how the micro truly affects the macro. Our group ritual will create many profound changes in realities of many dimensions. By coming together, our hearts will truly be creating world peace!

Power Animal Journey
Join Aria Mae of *We Are Animals* for a journey into the magic of animal totems. In a private session you will connect with your power animal, feel confident interpreting its medicine for your life, and develop your intuitive abilities for future encounters. Aria carries a deep recognition of the link between animals, human-animals, and nature. Experience a new way of being in relationship with the animals surrounding you!

Group Offerings

There’s something unique when a group of hearts gathers!

Whether it’s a circle of only women, or all genders, when we join because we choose to heal together, everything magnifies.*

Intentions manifest as a collective, and it’s so good!groups-kimson-doan

I’ve been facilitating group experiences in one capacity or another for the past 10 years. In these spaces, I’ve witnessed and held many sacred moments.

Of course, I bring my entire bag of tricks- we can work with ancestors, shadows, emotions, animals, group family constellations, ceremony, and really whatever is needed!

If you have an idea for a group event, I am here to see if I can support you. I’ll also be hosting my own free and paid events randomly, so be sure to sign up for my very occasional email announcements.

*Dear dudes- you can reach out to my partner if you want a men’s only space!