There’s something unique when a group of hearts gathers!

Whether it’s a circle of only women, or all genders, when we join because we choose to heal together, everything magnifies.*

Intentions manifest as a collective, and it’s so good!groups-kimson-doan

I’ve been facilitating group experiences in one capacity or another for the past 10 years. In these spaces, I’ve witnessed and held many sacred moments.

Of course, I bring my entire bag of tricks- we can work with ancestors, shadows, emotions, animals, group family constellations, ceremony, and really whatever is needed!

If you have an idea for a group event, I am here to see if I can support you. I’ll also be hosting my own free and paid events randomly, so be sure to sign up for my very occasional email announcements.

*Dear dudes- you can reach out to my partner if you want a men’s only space!