Sweet Friend, it would be my honor to work with you in one of these ways: 

Magical Mondays – Full-day private heart-opening retreats, details below ($1500)

AWAKEN – A 3-month journey of unprecedented Heart Awakening, customized to meet your intention

Explore below to learn more about Magical Mondays and read praise from others about this work.

Get ready for something obscure… Magical Mondays!

In a day, we will journey to the far reaches of your soul, dig deep into your heart, and uncover all the ways magic can seep into your life.

dreamcatcher-graft-groundIt’s like a mocha latte for your spiritual body: a supercharged, intense, and totally delicious day of discovery.

It doesn’t include actual coffee, but there will be plenty of herbal tea! And quite likely we will dive into ancestral healing, tarot cards, power animals, and many other wicked sweet activities…

Each day is totally custom- I take pleasure in designing the right mix of things for you!

Let me take you on a journey like this. 

There’s nothing that brings me more joy than creating a healing container that’s full of wonder and wisdom, and profound play.

That’s why I work one-on-one, and spend a whole day at a time with you. I tune-in to exactly what you need, creating a Divinely inspired, heart-opening, totally whimsical day.

(I dub the following Mystical Small Plates). Some of the magical activities we may call upon include:

  • fire-chuttersnapA tea ceremony, meditation, and yoga
  • A Family Constellation to heal ancestral trauma that’s blocking you
  • Plenty of animal medicine – even connecting you directly with your animal guides or deceased pets
  • Rituals in the woods or at a cemetery
  • A dance party or time at a playground
  • A picnic, perhaps? Or at least really awesome food!
  • Journaling, crafts, and visioning
  • Surprises and mysteries! (I’m already so stoked about this part)
  • Time in deep grief or anger, if there’s something you want to shed
  • A tarot card reading or dream analysis
  • Training in heart-based intuitive methods, helping your heart open
  • Tons of tangible take-aways that you can use to create sustainable self-care practices
  • Many moments of compassion and sweetness

You get to let me know if there’s any experience that you definitely do or do not want to have. I’ll send you a questionnaire to guide my creation of your day. You can be your own Magician- while I’m your fairy guide on the path.

Not quite sure? Here’s one of those great internet marketing lists to help you get clear:

This is for you if:

  • You desire adventurous contact with your Tender & Magical side.
  • You want to create space for planting seeds for a new course in life. You are ready to lusciously birth what’s next!
  • You believe in your capacity to be a Creative Magician.
  • You are yearning to be seen and compassionately held. You seek deep intimate companionship and true connection.
  • You are ready to tap into the depths of your heart and create frequent connection with The Divine.

This is NOT for you if:

  • You adore living a hum-drum existence focused on the stuff-centered game society tells you to play.
  • Your spiritual blocks keep you cozy- who needs Love anyway?
  • You want to keep spiritually bi-passing what you should be looking at in your past.
  • You’d rather get a gold star from your boss than have a connection to Life. Workaholism rocks!
  • You are content with your day-to-day, and there’s nothing you want to change.

feather-erik-stineSarcasm aside… I’ve truly designed this experience for anyone! Whether you are totally new to these concepts, or you’ve been on a spiritual path for a while, I’m here to serve you.

All gender identifications, sexual orientations, races, religions, and on- whatever your identity, I love you! And, I welcome you to come explore with me.

It’s gonna be an epic day of magic!

Here’s what others have to say about their experiences:

It’s hard to put it into words… like a multi-faceted vision quest. You are truly magical! Thank you so much! ~P.
Aria Mae is gentle like a mouse and courageous like a lion. I needed to work through childhood trauma involving a family member who had passed away. Breaking through that layer of my story allowed me to move forward on my path of alignment with my higher power. ~D.
The work we did in our call has definitely resulted in a profound energetic and emotional shift regarding my family, particularly letting go of my involvement in their lessons and struggles and feeling freed of invisible restraints that hold me back from living my highest potential. I am pleasantly surprised to discover this and so very, very grateful that we shared that experience together. A million, billion thank yous. ~A.
Aria is a healing messenger for both animals and humans alike! She has a loving, direct, and patient way of working with her clients; always carefully listening, and forever offering transformative and insightful advice. ~L.
Aria uses a unique approach combining Family Constellations with animal communication, infused with so much love and compassion. I was amazed at how clearly and quickly I came in to connection with the animals, as well as with the healing powers of Aria’s teachings. ~K.


Magical Monday Retreats take place in Worcester, Massachusetts- 1 hour from Boston and Providence, and 3 hours from New York City.

Your Monday starts at 10am, and we go until it’s complete, (sometime around 6pm). FAQ- yes, I have other days available. If your retreat absolutely must happen on another day, let me know!

Some of our time will take place at my apartment, called “The Lace Escape.” It’s about as cozy as you can get. We will definitely go outdoors, whatever the weather, so dress accordingly. Further instructions will follow.

The cost of your custom Magical Monday Retreat is $1500.

My Promise: My mission is to support you. If I have not met this goal then I will offer to provide further services toward your satisfaction, or a full refund.


Ready for the next step?

This is where it gets real! I’d love to take things out of the virtual sphere, where screens keep us distant…

I invite you join me for a call. Real world contact! And I promise no fear tactics. Simply us connecting, heart to heart, in an exploratory conversation. Here’s a link to book a 45 minute call time.

“I got to experience a variety of perspectives and tap into my intuition… thank you for all you give to the world, and for giving people access to their power.” ~L.
“The session I had with Aria left me with a strong sense of comfort and inner calm… I had no idea what to expect and was very impressed with the depth and honesty that was reached.” ~D.