Praise for Awaken, (One-On-One Mentorship)

Aria is everything you want in a coach and healer: attentive, empathic, insightful, responsive, sensitive, and creative. I am constantly amazed by the breakthroughs I make in our sessions.

She incorporates a broad range of coaching techniques and has strong intuition for which tools are right for each unique situation. We’ve cleared blockages, identified blindspots, and clarified my deepest desires.

Her guidance is powerful yet not prescriptive; I always arrive at my own truth which unlocks enduring transformation. I highly recommend Aria for anyone looking for support as they manifest their highest selves.” – Lara Jeremko, Thought Leader and Investor

“Through my work with Aria I am developing and celebrating my ability to shine as a woman and a leader and to embrace my intuition, my voice, hold healthy boundaries, and be in greater connection to love and compassion.

I have developed a new connection to my ancestors and have grown my ability to understand and accept my family. I have restructured my work environment which has greatly reduced stress and increased my team’s ability to thrive.” – Yana Dee, Ethical Apparel Entrepreneur

Aria’s unique gifts and welcoming demeanor open you up to a more holistic and internalized definition of purpose. I felt her sessions helped me craft better work habits to get to that elusive balance we all seek in life.” – Josh, Media Maven

“Aria’s heart-centered approach is highly intuitive and deeply grounded in research driven models and ancient healing arts from pan-spiritual traditions, but she is singular and impossible to classify within a style.

Working with an uplifting and vibrant sense of play and imagination within specific frameworks and focused intentions, Aria’s approach is completely unique to my experience, having worked with many guides, healers, counselors, and retreat facilitators over the past twenty years.

These are new times on the planet and we have to find new ways to approach life, healing, and thriving. I am grateful every day to be connected with Aria and to be benefitting from her deeply intelligent and compassionate healing work. She is fully capable and fully invested.

If you have the opportunity to work with her, I highly recommend it!” – Seth Bernard, Musician & Nonprofit Leader

I have learned to celebrate what others in my life can bring, and then share that out with the world. I have learned meditations that can reconnect me to the calming and creative place that develops the best parts of me... I have become a better me, a more compassionate and patient me.  

Aria helped me to understand both the world and myself in a better way. It’s like a real life adventure, where I can create a space where this regrowing is happening.

And a funny thing is, that I think I knew his long ago in my childhood but had forgotten. The message from a favorite childhood book by Antoine De Saint-Exupery: “The Little Prince:” “It is with the heart that one sees rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.”

Aria brought me to that space where both magic and memory recovered a part of me once lost. I am forever grateful for that.” – Melissa Z., Entrepreneur

“As a leader and visionary who has run my own company, lived in several countries around the world, and spent the last several years already burning through most of my own inner blocks and resistance, I’m already a strong and self-assured person. It is extremely rare, if not impossible, for me to find someone who can mentor and guide me.

However, last year I was disillusioned after the end of a project that I had poured my heart into for two and a half years, and I needed a supportive, compassionate figure to help me find my way to the next chapter of my life.

If you had told me then what was about to unfold for me over the next six months with Aria, I would not have believed you.

Aria knows her craft very well, and she works with extreme precision, targeting exactly what must be addressed, and providing support in just the way that is needed at the moment, even if you don’t realize it at the time.

She holds herself to high professional standards, has very strong intellectual and analytical abilities, and articulates herself eloquently, which is imperative in spiritual work, which is often abstract, intangible, and emotion-centric.

Moreover, in contrast to the mainstream “self-improvement” world, her work is founded in deep compassion, rest and self-love, kindness, feminine energy, and surrender – it is NOT about pushing yourself harder or setting goals, it is about re-calibrating yourself with the universe, with pure love, beauty, and ease.

If you are serious about breaking through to the highest levels and living your life effortlessly, I highly suggest you trust Aria to guide you.” – M. B., Entrepreneur

My experience with Aria thus far has been some of the most gratifying work and introspection I’ve had, both personally and professionally. Aria challenges you to see and adopt new perspectives and practices and invites you to approach your challenges with awakening and open heartedness.” -Alyssa Chamberlain, Tech Sales Expert

“Aria is a masterful “Heart Surgeon”, and a skillful and compassionate healer and coach.

Aria helped me clear out limiting beliefs and doubts impeding my next step. She masterfully helped me to get clarity on where to put my focus next. I have done one-on-one session with Aria, as well as participated in her group work and she always delivers a high-quality experience.

I have also had the pleasure of having Aria assist me in my workshops, and I highly value her acute intuition as well as her thoughtful and professional presentation.

Aria is a gifted and brilliant coach and I highly recommend her.” – Karin Green, Shadow Work Coach

Praise for Private Retreats

“I spent a magical 5 days in Aria’s beautiful and peaceful home. This was my first experience with any type of coaching and not only was I physically out of my comfort zone, but also emotionally.

I had the opportunity to deep dive into this experience with my husband. We did a lot of individual discovery and work as a couple and we walked away from this intensive with more clarity, perspective, understanding, balance, gratitude and joy.

Through all the work we did we have created a new reality and clear vision for our future.

There is so much more to discover and learn, but I already feel a greater connection to myself and the people in my life. I have the tools for a truly happy life with a deep trust in the success of my entrepreneurial career. Everything feels a bit more grounded.” – Laura, Mission-Centered Entrepreneur

Praise for Ancestral Alchemy

“Thank you for the gift… It was a very moving and inspiring experience to be with you both, and this work which is so missing and, is what is wanted and needed in our world today.” -Kathy, Santa Barbara

I had an amazing experience… I was WAY out of my comfort zone, but Aria made it easy to go All In. It was incredibly intense and healing and most of all, I appreciated how she touched on every detail that came up for me.” – John, Los Angeles

“Family Constellation / Ancestral Alchemy work was completely new to me. Now having done this — thanks to very capable, wise, gentle and compassionate Aria, I can’t imagine how anyone wouldn’t hugely benefit from doing this work.

In Aria’s hands, it’s like the most profound, sacred, delicate open-heart surgery. I was able to identify some very old, deep wounds, safely be in them, and work through and heal them. It was a profound experience to the core. And a profoundly healing one. Hugely and highly recommended.” – Will, San Francisco