Aria’s guidance has helped me foster tremendous healing breakthroughs and rapid personal and professional growth and actualization. It’s fun and exciting!

Seth Bernard
Artist & Activist

Aria is a gifted and brilliant coach and I highly recommend her.

Karin Green
Shadow Work Facilitator

My experience with Aria has been some of the most gratifying work and introspection I’ve had, both personally and professionally.

Alyssa Chamberlain

Aria challenges you to see and adopt new perspectives and practices and invites you to approach your challenges with awakening and open heartedness.

Alyssa C
Sales Leader at Asana

Aria’s guidance has helped me foster tremendous healing breakthroughs and rapid personal and professional growth and actualization. It’s fun and exciting!

Seth Bernard
Artist & Activist

I was surprised to have gained so many new perspectives that apply to all of life, when my career was the original reason I signed up. From my experience, Aria would be a perfect coach for anyone who is feeling a little emotionally stuck or unsure how to progress with something, whether at work or in life.

Justin Churchill
Engineering Leader

I have become a better me, a more compassionate and patient me.  Aria helped me to understand both the world and myself in a better way, bringing me to that space where both magic and memory recovered a part of me once lost. I am forever grateful for that.

Melissa Z

Aria is like a clear mirror, there to fully and consciously understand you while helping you to self-reflect to see what is best for your journey and your heart. Aria helped me to accelerate my personal growth through activating and expanding new possibilities in my personal and professional life.

Kamran Rahmani
Engineering Leadership, Asana

Aria and Orion were wonderful guides. They set up a totally safe space to share very intimate pieces of my history. These guides were able to get me to dig deep into unprocessed traumas, which spilled to the surface. I cried into these feelings and throughout the processes felt I was fully heard and supported. They gently coaxed me to go deeper. The emotional depths of traumas that where able to find release surprised me. Afterwards I felt spiritually lighter, buoyant. As I move on I feel that some fundamental  shifts have occurred, I am left feeling more empowered and confident. I would recommend a retreat with these gifted guardian angels. Their wide range of tools are effective at accelerating personal evolution so you can reconnect with your mission like never before.

Robert Costanza
Rocket Engineer & Artist

I spent a magical 5 days in Aria’s beautiful and peaceful home. This was my first experience with any type of coaching and not only was I physically out of my comfort zone, but also emotionally. I had the opportunity to deep dive into this experience with my husband. We did a lot of individual discovery and work as a couple and we walked away from this intensive with more clarity, perspective, understanding, balance, gratitude and joy. Through all the work we did we have created a new reality and clear vision for our future. There is so much more to discover and learn, but I already feel a greater connection to myself and the people in my life. I have the tools for a truly happy life with a deep trust in the success of my entrepreneurial career. Everything feels a bit more grounded.

Mission-Centered Entrepreneur

As a leader and visionary who has run my own company, lived in several countries around the world, and spent the last several years already burning through most of my own inner blocks and resistance, I’m already a strong and self-assured person. However, last year I was disillusioned after the end of a project that I had poured my heart into for two and a half years, and I needed a supportive, compassionate figure to help me find my way to the next chapter of my life. Aria works with extreme precision, providing support in just the way that is needed at the moment. She holds herself to high professional standards, has very strong intellectual and analytical abilities, and articulates herself eloquently, which is imperative in spiritual work, which is often abstract, intangible, and emotion-centric. If you are serious about breaking through to the highest levels and living your life effortlessly, I highly suggest you trust Aria to guide you.


I was in search of a coach who would help me define my life’s mission and use my gifts in connection with a meaningful career path. Aria’s unique approach of learning to harness hidden superpowers intrigued me, and I can confidently say working with her was the best decision I could have made. 

Aria empowered me to shape loose ideas into a bold vision of my future. Aria is one of the most incredibly kind souls I have met, and my work with her has been nothing short of transformative. I would highly recommend Aria to anyone seeking a deeper connection in their lives/careers, even if you’re not entirely sure what that looks like yet.

Natalie F
Silicon Valley Account Executive

When I met Aria, I was in a space of deeply desiring to expand into more of who I am and offering my gifts to the world in a bigger way while at the same time hesitant and fearful of doing just that. I immediately felt she was someone who could support me in being able to hold all that I was calling in—and she has done just that.

Working with Aria has allowed me to regulate my nervous system in order to feel and handle all that moves through me through this great expansion. As I have done this, my channel to receive has opened wider and wider and become clearer and clearer. Aria is a tremendous space-holder, coach, guide, and SO connected and tuned in to such a vast amount of tools and gifts that support me on each and every level. If you are in a space of growth or expansion and feeling any fear around what’s next or if you can handle it, I highly recommend working with Aria.

Amanda Johnson
Book Doula & Co-Creator of Awaken Village Press