I am humbled by these words from those who have chosen to work with me:

“As her name implies, being around Aria truly feels like a song, or a drink of refreshing water. I can’t imagine a more loving being to facilitate journeying and healing. I have been so blessed by her insight and wisdom, and her welcoming spirit makes sharing and deep soul conversations so easy!” ~K.

“A Magical Monday is hard to put into words… it’s like a multi-faceted vision quest. You are truly magical! Thank you so much!” ~P.

“Oh Aria, you helped to open up my heart and soul while also bringing me back to reality and aligning me with the divinity within.” ~B.

“Aria Mae is gentle like a mouse and courageous like a lion. I needed to work through childhood trauma involving a family member who had passed away. Breaking through that layer of my story allowed me to move forward on my path of alignment with my higher power.” ~D.

“The work we did in our session has definitely resulted in a profound energetic and emotional shift regarding my family, particularly letting go of my involvement in their lessons and struggles and feeling freed of invisible restraints that hold me back from living my highest potential. I am pleasantly surprised to discover this, and so very, very grateful that we shared that experience together. A million, billion thank yous.” ~A.

“Aria is a healing messenger for both animals and humans alike! She has a loving, direct, and patient way of working with her clients; always carefully listening, and forever offering transformative and insightful advice.” ~L.

“The session I had with Aria left me with a strong sense of comfort and inner calm… I had no idea what to expect and was very impressed with the depth and honesty that was reached.” ~D.

“The space that Aria held for me, as well as her intuitive ability and loving kindness allowed for a deep delve into my heart and ancestral lineage. The result was the jump start of a process of healing that my soul had been waiting for. The imagery and love stunned me and has stayed with me – aiding me in my healing journey day to day. I feel that I can love myself more completely. I feel connected to my ancestors and their love for me. This opportunity has truly given me a sense of family, connection, and love that I didn’t have before.” ~M.

“Working with Aria brought me answers to questions I had for a long time. During our session she explained everything that was occurring in detail… I appreciated her calm energy and loving humor.” ~C.

“Aria helped me get through the hard time that was losing Bella, my dog of 13 years… She provided the perspective I needed to assist me in releasing my grief and enabling a sense of clarity to Bella’s purpose here on Earth.” ~W.

“Aria uses a unique approach combining Family Constellations with animal communication, infused with so much love and compassion. I was amazed at how clearly and quickly I came in to connection with the animals, as well as with the healing powers of Aria’s teachings.” ~K.

“I got to experience a variety of perspectives and tap into my intuition… thank you for all you give to the world, and for giving people access to their power.” ~L.

“I want to thank you again for our session. I’ve released so much since then. It’s hard to explain but I feel so much lighter. Thank you!” ~C.

“My session with Aria was amazing! She is very intuitive with a kind, gentle spirit. Aria offered me some deep insights… and for that I am truly grateful.” ~K.