I help Earth’s Superheroes turn on their (literal) superpowers, so that together we can co-create a sustainable & conscious world.

I. Awaken is a one-on-one mentorship program. It is designed for leaders and entrepreneurs who are committed, compassionate, and holding a potent vision. Awaken your most powerful expertise and creatively steward your service and mission – so that you can achieve the legacy behind your vision.

II. Align is an immersive experience for companies with my team through Wilde Honey. Your organization’s culture will align in new ways as we explore heart-based connection, intuitive decision-making, and vibrant prosperity mindset.

III. Ancestral Alchemy weaves sacred ritual and Systemic Family Constellations, so that you can resolve inherited ancestral traumas. I offer private group events and one-on-one intensives.

IV. The School of Ambrosial Animals is my newest offering, an invitation-only program for Earth’s Superheroes that coincides with the book I’m writing. 

Want to learn more about what it’s like to work together? Some facts:

  • I am trained in multiple modalities and have an array of superpowers that helps me get to the core of emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual challenges – and “turn on” literal superpowers in my clients.
  • My offers are boutique so I can truly make the most difference for my clients. Yes, the investment requires a commitment.
  • Because diversity is super-duper important to me, I also offer scholarship opportunities.
  • I only work with those who are certain they are ready for this level of activation. Yes, there is time and energy required on your side, (I can’t do the work for you).
  • I love you! Yep – my work is rooted in fierce love, for you… already!

Is the vibe resonating with you? Contact me to explore whether deep diving together is right for us.

Since working with Aria, I have regained connection with my heart and felt profoundly supported in my journey of making all my dreams come true. I’m more joyful, confident, resilient and expanded.